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Innovative Financial Planning for
High-net-worth Individuals and Business Owners

We assume a Fiduciary Role as a Fee-Based planning organization.

Go beyond conventional advice—with comprehensive,
tailored solutions 
for the challenges you face.


Spellbound by Financial Reality will provide the foundation to resolve numerous, 
mostly hidden, financial deficiencies 
and help you achieve a true sense of well-being

Does your advisor really know the tax code?

John House, President & CEO of MasterTech Financial

Legitimate tools for tax relief are buried in the U.S. tax code, but many
high-net-worth families and individuals fail to reap the rewards. 

Why? Because most CPAs and Financial Advisors
just don’t know about them.

Client Centered

MasterTech Financial will take the time to fully understand your financial situation. Then, we’ll design a plan that fits your unique needs—one that aligns with your vision and values—to fully protect your wealth.

Let’s get started. 

Client Centered

MasterTech will guide you through:

  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Business Continuity Consulting
  • Customized Estate Planning
  • Professional Asset Management
  • Corporate Fringe Benefits
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Liability Risk Management
  • Institutional Styled Money Management

There are no simple answers to complex 
problems—only intelligent ones.

Meet John House

President & CEO
Financial Consultant (ChFC) 


John House and his team of professionals work in perfect synchronicity, applying their experience and expertise to provide an innovative, personalized approach to investment management, business continuity, asset protection, and retirement planning. 

His mission is to empower his clients, enabling them to accumulate and preserve assets while minimizing income taxes and estate taxation

Client Centered

Acting in Your Best Interest

As a fiduciary, we’re legally bound to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. 

Fiduciaries are legally and ethically required to place your interests ahead of their own, and John conducts his business with the utmost integrity.

Client Centered

A Team of Professionals

MasterTech Financial takes a team approach to legal protection, tax planning, insurance, and expert asset management. 

Result? In-depth, comprehensive financial solutions that leave no stone unturned.

John House has been helping his clients
protect their wealth since 1983.

Legally Divorce the IRS

Overbearing, aggressive tax proposals are working their way through congress as you read these words. MasterTech will help you mitigate your tax burden and safeguard your wealth for you and your heirs.

Your Situation is Unique

With high-net-worth businesses and individuals, cookie-cutter financial plans will always fall short. We’ll perform an objective analysis of your financial goals, building a plan that aligns with your vision and values.

Can your tax planning strategy make a difference in the world?

John House, President & CEO of MasterTech Financial
Speaking at NASDAQ in New York.

Your Assets. Your Business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive, or a
retired professional, your assets belong to you. We’ll
help you protect what’s rightfully yours.

Let’s craft a solution that works for you.

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