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Critical Questions About the State of Your Finances and Your Financial Future


  • Are you paying more income taxes than you should?
  • Are you getting the maximum benefit from your company’s Compensation and Fringe Benefit Plans?
  • When selling appreciated assets, do you consider the use of a Tax Exempt Trust to reduce taxes on the sale?
  • Have you applied the IRS’s "tax incentive and relief provisions" to your overall planning?


  • Do you own assets in Joint Tenancy with anyone other than your spouse?
  • Are your assets at risk of litigation?
  • Do you have multiple real estate assets titled under your own name?
  • Could successful Tort Litigation adversely impact your personal assets?


  • Do your investment strategies employ risk management techniques that are designed to weather major down turns in the market?
  • Do you have a written Investment Policy Statement as the foundation of your investments?
  • Is the performance of your equity portfolio meeting your expectations?
  • Does your current portfolio provide retirement income guarantees?
  • Are your assets diversified beyond the equity markets?


  • How does your Estate Plan distribute assets at first and second deaths?
  • Is your Estate Plan up-to-date with the latest tax law changes?
  • Are your assets subject to confiscatory estate tax lien?
  • Is your life insurance owned properly and appropriate for your current situation?
  • Do your beneficiary designations accomplish asset protection and tax efficiencies?


  • Do you currently employ a Management System that allows you to store and organize all your financial information in one place?
  • Are you able to obtain daily updates on all your investment assets?
  • Are you able to access important estate, account and person information while you are traveling?

Contact MasterTech Financial if you are unsure about any of these questions. We can help you pursue a sense of security, organization and progress toward your financial success.